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Thank you hillside leather, on 9/18/13 I had a motorcycle accident and went flying .I. was doing 75mph when I hit the concrete road .To my surprise I was still alive and I only had Sprain ankles from rolling .I was wearing your leather jacket and chaps, They did their job and them some The Cops, Firemen ,by standers look at my helmet and all my leathers .They said that helmet & jacket save me from a lot of pain. Thanks, B. Schumacher Appleton Wi

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Men's Vented Leather & Cordura Jacket Black / Orange Men's Vented Leather & Cordura Jacket Black / Black The Elite Black / Orange Braided Vest
. $199.00
. $189.00
. $249.00
Men's Vented Leather Jacket Men's Vented Leather Jacket
Men's Vented Leather & Cordura Jacket Black / Royal Blue Men's Beltless Brown Biker Jacket Hillside USA Distressed Brown Leather Shirt
. $199.00
. $350.00
. $263.00
Men's Vented Leather Jacket Men's Beltless Brown Biker Jacket Distressed Brown Leather Shirt
The Elite Leather Vest Brown Hillside USA Cafe Racer Jacket Brown D Pocket Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket (Brown)
. $199.00
. $346.00
. $549.00
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Hillside USA Leather has been manufacturing top quality AMERICAN MADE motorcycle leather apparel, which includes Leather Jackets, Vests, Chaps and Leather Accessories for 15 years. We put leather garments together the old-fashion way. The process involves no section sewing. Our master tailors sew the garments from A to Z ensuring no inconsistencies in quality or design. Our process involves the selection of the highest grade of leather skin available, cutting out (and discarding) any imperfections in that skin.
Since we have indisputable confidence in what we manufacture, we can present a lifetime guarantee, free shipping, and free returns on all our leather products to you. We strive to give superior service, on time delivery, and high quality USA made Motorcycle Leather garments. The MADE IN USA label reflects the pride and craftsmanship sewn into every garment produced.

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