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Until the end of the 1930's Horsehide was leather of choice  for its extreme durability. The density and non-porous nature of Horsehide makes it  durable , but it is also the reason that horsehide does not dye evenly.  If multiple items are made from horsehide, there is a very good possibility that each piece will have slight color variations. These color variances and the markings of the skins are considered part of the natural beauty of horsehide and reassure its authenticity.
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Horsehide has many unique properties, it is immensely strong and durable even in the extreme conditions and, unlike other hides horsehide is naturally waterproof. We are proud to introduce our exclusive Horsehide Collection, which has been upgraded with amazing features such as removable Full Sleeve Thinsulate Zip Out Liner with knitted cuffs, All Leather Lined Pockets, Two inside Pistol Pockets (approx. 9" deep) close with a snap on one side and the other with a zipper, both have a small internal pocket (4" x 4") for a gun barrel or cell phone, Heavy Poly Twill shell, an extremely durable lining. YKK hardware. Hillside USA's Horsehide Collection is simply a Lifetime Investment.