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Men's Solid Back Distressed Brown Vest

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The Solid Back Distressed Brown Vest invites you to have the ride of your life-for a lifetime. Hand made and stitched in the USA represents the best that motorcycle apparel industry can offer. Double sided leather interfacing, enables the vest to retain shape when carrying a concealed pistol or any heavy objects.Two Leather-Lined front pockets (approx. 4.5" deep) and two inside Leather-Lined pistol pockets (approx. 9" deep) close with a snap on one side and the other with a zipper, both have a small internal pocket (4" x 4") for a gun barrel or cell phone . Adjustable lace-up for just the right fit.Genuine Indian Head Nickel. Poly-twill liner. The detailed construction gives this vest a timeless feel with a flash of Old World meets something fresh and new. Men's Solid Back Distressed Brown Motorcycle Vest. Lifetime Guarantee.